Wednesday, January 16, 2019

My simple make up look today without powder.

My simple 15 minutes make up look
The look in the morning before leave the house for work today.
The look after finished training for today.

My review on Panasonic 6.2 kg washing machine, model NA-F62B1.

Bought it last 2008, after I get my first bonus while working in Siemens Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.. The price is less than RM 700 that time.
Repair work on this washing machine:
  1. Cost me less than RM 150 on 21 April 2016 on the replacement of spinner pan. It is on-the-spot replacement work. Done less than 10 minutes. Immediately usable after repair.

My review on Samsung 7 kg diamond drum washing machine.

Bought it last 14 August 2017. I think that time I saw sale in Dinor electrical appliances shop,  branch Kulai. Just in time as my second hand Daewoo DWF 778 washing machine is having spinning problem. 
In spin mode.
Get it less than RM 550 due to offer and add on coupons after my companion bought  a freezer.  His freezer also quite a catch since it the the cheapest that he have surveyed.

Free movie ticket, popcorn and water set as birthday gift from TGV Cinema.

Since last 2 days is my birthday,  I get free movie tickets for 2 with free popcorn and water set from TGV cinema.  Since my membership almost expired 10 January 2019, my friend decided that we should go renew the membership along claiming the birthday treat. I choose Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy [1]. It is a good satisfying movie compared to the rest available in the selection.
Pictures taken using my Oppo A71 (2018).

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

My brown sugar pandan spearmint pudding today.

I manage to make my puding pandan gula merah (brown sugar pandan spearmint pudding) this morning. I put it in 3 container:  2 small jar and 1 squar cake mold.
Ingredients used: water, coconut milk, brown sugar, eggs, pandan leaves and spearmint leaves. Both pandan and spearmint leaves is freshly harvested from the one I have grown organically (means no+free from chemical pesticide and chemical fertilizer).
Can see the split between top layer (egg+coconut milk) with bottom layer (water+brown sugar).

Monday, January 14, 2019

Self birthday gift today: harvesting 4 unit of bendi (okra/ladyfinger).

Manage to harvest 4 unit of bendi (okra/ladyfinger) after reach home today. As self birthday gift. Total weight of 4 is 44 gm. Average length is 5 cm and diameter is 3 cm. It is from 3 different plants.

Till then, have fun celebrating birthday with organic harvest😉.

My simple make up look today.

Despite the time constraint in the morning, I always make sure to put on my basic make up look. Especially when attending training, meeting and other occasion. Of course for today, since it is my birthday😆. So that I would get less zombie look and more human look😂.
My basic make up look consist of:
  • Base: using Maybelline BB stick [1]
  • Powder: loose powder from NARS
  • Blusher from Sivanna [2]
  • Lipstick: True MatteMoist code Coralie [3,4]
  • Using make up brushes from my IT Cosmetics airbrush essential collection brush set [5]
  • Eyebrows: Rhomlon eyebrow pencil code Dark Brown and Tarte dual ended bamboo eyebrow brush [6]
All that cost my time around 10 to 15 minutes only. Practise does makes perfect.

Cats maternity cage.

My boss brings back home 2 of small female  stray cats last November 2018 [1]. As they been targeted to be rape by other stray males outside lab area. It happens that they already being raped before being saved/relocated. Today, the cage in my boss house becomes maternity cage. As one of them just give birth to 3 kittens. Same birthday with me😆. While another already give birth to 1 kitten last week.

Harvesting the heart of my pisang lemak manis (banana) today.

Manage to spend time to harvest the heart of my pisang lemak manis (banana) today before leave the house for work.
The heart of pisang lemak manis (banana)

Indicator that shows the banana heart ready to be taken : male banana flowers.
The heart of pisang lemak manis is bitter and not suitable to make ulam.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

My review on Hot Chili Body Slimming Gel 250 ml.

Bought this Hot Chili Body Slimming Gel   yesterday while buying my hot Serai Wangi massage oil [1,2]. Going to test it after my period ends. As based on online description, not suitable to use during period. Despite the description on the container is in Thai language😅.

Last time I used BodyLite Thermo-Active Gel from Cosway [3]. It does deliver as per description. Fast result. But quite expensive for my current economy state.
Till then, have fun in using slimming gel to assist in trimming your waistline shape😉💪.

[1] Hot Chili Body Slimming Gel Cream By Yilibalo (250ml) by YiLi Balo
[2] My current massage oil to sooth my sore body after gardening works https://serinurulbeauty.blogspot.com/2018/12/my-current-massage-oil-for-my-aching.html
[3] BodyLite Thermo-Active Gel from Cosway http://m.2beaut.com/bodylite.html